About Us


Glenn | Glenn Hall's Auto Repair

At a young age Glenn has been tinkering on just about anything in the garage. His father didn't believe in hiring someone to fix things but to do it yourself. In order to keep up with his family's different businesses crane work, building horse trailers, and building pools for local ranchers, Glenn had to learn how to mechanic on things to get them running properly and to maintain the equipment.

Growing up in the days before Google that's where Glenn discovered his talent on mechanizing on just about anything from cars, trucks, tractors to even airboats. Glenn first started out by opening his own mechanic shop in Reynolds Georgia it had a car side service where he would pump your gas and work on cars in between fueling. It was in 2004 where he decided to move back to his home town and marry the love of his life Jackie.


The Shop

Saint Cloud Auto Repair Shop | Glenn Hall's Auto Repair

The shop was built in 1971 where Glenn's family built horse trailers for 10 plus years. In 2009 it became Glenn Hall's Repair. Just recently the office was updated with a fresh coat of paint and some personal touches to really show off Glenn's personality with his Mini Rod tractor pulling pictures and his Dale Earnhardt memorabilia.

Glenn & Jackie

Glenn and Jackie | Glenn Hall's Auto Repair

Both native Floridians Glenn and Jackie fell in love at a young age. Jackie was in 7th grade when she met Glenn in school. Life brought them to different paths but fortunately brought them back together and they were married in 2005. On their spare time they enjoy traveling to different tractor pulls where Glenn pulls his Mini Rod “The Intimagator”. They also love spending time with their five grandkids.

Meet Shirley

Shirley the Dog | Glenn Hall's Auto Repair

Come by Glenn Halls repair and meet our favorite four legged friend Shirley. She loves to greet everyone that comes by. Shirley's day consists of sunbathing out front, enjoying a bone while the staff eats lunch, chasing a ball or two and taking an afternoon nap on the couch.